Yoga Teacher Training

Finding the Teacher Within
200HR Yoga Teacher Training
Our training has begun for 2024. The next cohort will begin March 2025, stay tuned!

Participating in our Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) doesn’t necessarily mean you must become a yoga instructor. A significant number of our students enroll in YTT primarily to deepen their personal yoga practice. In a typical 60-minute class, the focus is generally on physical postures and breathwork. However, YTT delves into the rich tapestry of yoga beyond these elements. By the end of the training, you will have gained comprehensive knowledge about the history and philosophy of yoga, ethical practices in yoga, and an understanding of the body’s energy systems, including Vayus, Koshas, and Chakras. You will learn various pranayama and meditation techniques to either calm or energize the mind and body, explore mantras and mudras for instilling calmness, courage, and strength, and master the proper alignment and anatomy for each posture. Should you choose to teach, this knowledge will empower you to do so with utmost confidence.

Do you have to be able to master complex postures or have a “strong practice”? No. The physical practice of yoga is just one aspect of the broader yoga philosophy. The most important requirement is a genuine desire to deepen your understanding of yoga and self-discovery.

Our schedule is thoughtfully designed to maximize your learning experience. Each day of training begins with a brief physical practice to ground us in the present moment, followed by engaging lectures and interactive group study sessions. On days featuring master classes, we start with an immersive 90-minute session, followed by an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with the master trainer about various aspects of yoga.

Embarking on this YTT journey promises to be an in-depth, thorough, and transformative experience. We are thrilled at the prospect of guiding and witnessing your growth through this enriching journey.

Payment plan available or 5% discount if paid in full. Investment: $2999

Please call with any questions and to receive complete calendar.