The name “The Yoga House” was originally thought of to welcome everybody into a place where they would feel comfortable and at home. Yoga (meaning “to unite or union”) is practically limitless on the benefits it can instill in any one individual. Besides the physical strength, balance, flexibility and endurance which improves as your practice progresses; the mental, calming, meditation and breathing involved will also improve your state of mind and daily thought process.

The Yoga House offers a variety of classes to focus on both aspects. No matter your age, athletic ability, or level of experience, The Yoga House’s goal is to share our love and practice of Yoga with our community. Bringing your physical body in “union” with your mental focus and breath, is Yoga.

That being said, what is a house without laughter filling the rooms? A wise man once told me, “If it’s not fun, why do it?” As part of The Yoga House, we also encourage laughter and fun. Therefore, you may also find some “not so traditional” yoga classes on our schedule from time to time.